Welcome to AstroTemplate Support Center

Hello and welcome! First of all, we are very glad that you chose to use our products. Our customer service staffs will do their best to answer and fullfill your questions. Thank you very much. Now let’s get started!

Before submitting the ticket

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the theme and the latest version of WordPress.
  • Make sure you are checked Theme's documentation.
  • Prepare your installation: Disable your other plugins (except Theme request plugins) and switch to the AstroTemplates theme before you create the ticket. Please test this before opening your ticket so we can know if there's a conflict that needs to be resolved.

After submitting the ticket

  • Normally, we will get back to customers in 1 business day.
  • The older tickets will be the first priority. So after you create the ticket, if possible, please do not reply to the ticket if our team hasn't replied to you yet because it will update your ticket response date to sooner and the priority will be lower. This might cause the delay replying.

My support has expired. What should I do?

When your support pack has expired, you won't be able to create new tickets anymore. You can purchase support extension in item page. It will be available on the item’s page which you can find by clicking on the Envato button on the right side of the screen.